Side Mount Flaskor 2x7Lx232Bar V/H kran

Side Mount Flaskor 2x7Lx232Bar stål V/H kran pris per par
Ett par Dirzone 7L 232 bar flaskor, en med vänster- och en med höger manifoldkran inkl pluggar (förlängningen med manifoldkranen gör dem exemplariska för side mount

DIRZONE cylinders are made in Germany of seamless steel tubes. The production is certified according to a DIN ISO 9001:2008. Numerous tests are carried out throughout the production to ensure quality is upheld. For example, each cylinder is hydraulically, ultrasonically and visually inspected. The test procedure also includes a destructive test of two cylinders of every batch (a batch size is maximum 202 cylinders).

DIRZONE manifold valves are made in Italy to the highest specifications. The meticulous forging process removes any blemishes or sharp edges that are common with competitors products. The surface treatment produces a soft satin like finish that gives this manifold a unique ability to withstand years of use without showing wear. Radial o-rings provide a secure seal between the valve plug and the main valve. The valve stem design also features a radial o-ring seal that reduces wear on the stem o-ring.

DIRZONE manifold valve snorkels are crimped at the end to prevent scratching of the plating when assembling the valve

DIRZONE rubber knobs are soft and resistant to impact damage

O-rings and grease used for assembly are oxygen compatible

All components are made in Europe