Side Mount Flaskor 2x80s Alu V/H kran

Side Mount Flaskor 2x80sx207Bar Alu V/H kran pris per par
Ett par 80s Aluflaskor, en med vänster- och en med höger manifoldkran inkl pluggar (förlängningen med manifoldkranen gör dem exemplariska för side mount

These tanks are very popular with sidemount diver, they come complete with sidemount valves:

Technical Details:

CE-certified aluminium cylinder
Internal volume: 11.1L
Working pressure: 207 bar
Approximate weight without valve: 14.2 kg
For use as a stage or deco cylinder
Also used as a regular scuba cylinder for back mount
Almost neutrally buoyant
DIRZONE mono valves are made in Italy and comes with a rubber knob as standard
O-rings and grease used for assembly are oxygen compatible